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ThePhotoContestDirectory.com  has been established to help photographers gain more exposure.

We know it can be difficult it can be for to gain exposure. To assist you in gaining that recognition we have listed all the open photography competitions around the world.

It can be difficult locating open photo contests and  the important information about the contest, the terms of the contests, and the copyrights on the image being submitted. Our goal is to eliminate the confusion. We provide the important information that sometimes is difficult to find on the contest website.

We also won’t confuse you will all of the advertising or make it difficult to figure out what contest are available to enter.

Our mission is to help photographers gain more exposure, not confuse them.

We will publish important information about the photo contest like:

  • Cost of Entry
  • Deadline
  • The copyright and usage rights
  • Link to the organizers terms and conditions
  • Eligibility
  • Winner selection process
  • Theme/Category

Provide relevant information for photographers

The information on many contests websites can be overwhelming and confusing. We have organized the contests by every category to make it easier for you to decide which contest will be best for you.

We are cognizant of photographer rights  and we do not list photo contests that require the entrant to transfer ownership of the copyright to the organizer or sponsors. We provide transparency to help protect photographers and to highlight to organizers the need for fair terms and conditions for their photo contests.

Every contest listed on ThePhotoContestDirectory.com has details relating to the competitions terms and conditions for the benefit of the photographer. The photographer should not solely rely on this information and should obtain full details of the terms and conditions and to seek legal advice if required before entering any contest if you so desire.

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