Celeste Prize 2013

  • August 5, 2013 6:15 pm
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    Celeste Prize 2013

    The entry deadline for Celeste Prize 2013 has been extended to Friday 16 August.


    Celeste Prize, 5th Edition, is an international contemporary arts prize which shows quality work by emerging artists in a worldwide, talent scouting environment. Every year thousands of artists use the prize to promote their works and their careers:


    € 20,000 Prizes:

    Painting & Graphics Prize € 4,000

    Photography & Digital Graphics Prize € 4,000

    Video & Animation Prize € 4,000

    Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize € 4,000

    Curator’s Choice Prize € 3,500

    Visitors’ Choice Prize € 500


    This year’s team of selectors is led by Ami Barak, curator of Celeste Prize 2013, 5th edition.

    The exhibition of the 40 finalist works will be held in November 2013 in Rome, Italy, at the ex-GIL spaces. During the final exhibition each finalist artist will vote his or her preferred work in each category and so determine the prize-winners.

    Entry fee payable online is € 50 / work.

    Celeste Prize 2013 is supported by Celeste Network, a 50,000 member social network for contemporary arts, which includes gallerists, curators, critics, art organizers, collectors and many artists. Celeste Network is a fertile environment in which to promote one’s work, make contact and start up projects around the world. Take a look-in Celeste, you can sign up and have your free page, then decide later if you wish to join the prize.

    Sign-up here free:



    Contest Deadline
    16 August 2013
    Cost to Enter
    The competition is open to any person practicing art either as a professional artist in full-time or part-time, student artist or self-taught artist from anywhere in the world. There is no age limit for applicants and the prize is open to all artists whatever their qualifications, with or without experience of public or private exhibitions. The prize encourages participation by artists at every level.
    Organizers Terms & Conditions
    To submit a work online: Sign-up or login , in your personal admin click on box ‘Celeste Prize 2013’, pay entry fee and begin to upload. Alternatively, apply by mail sending all materials requested in Art.5 (B). It is cheaper, simpler and faster to submit online, and you save sending by post copies of the application form or images of your work. http://www.celesteprize.com/termsandconditionscelesteprize2013/
    Winner Selection
    € 20,000 Prizes: Painting & Graphics Prize € 4,000 Photography & Digital Graphics Prize € 4,000 Video & Animation Prize € 4,000 Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize € 4,000 Curator's Choice Prize € 3,500 Visitors' Choice Prize € 500

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